GS 2 Lip service to labour rights The exodus of migrant labour from Gujarat highlights the indifference of States to their well being and rights Time to hew a new antiquities law The Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 has consequently long outlived the purpose for which it was drafted. While a promised amendment has been floated on the website of the Union Ministry of Culture, its status is still largely unknown Avoidable tragedy The ghastly Dasara disaster at Amritsar that has left 59 people dead is a harsh reminder, if any were needed, that government departments have not yet taken official protocols for safety at mass gatherings seriously. U.S. to pull out of Russia missile pact Trump accuses Moscow of violating Cold War-era INF treaty by deploying Novator missile   GS 3 Years to go to stub out crop burning ‘State governments must come out with guidelines to make the biofuel sector economically viable’ China’s melting glacier draws tourists amid climate worries Baishui has lost 60% of its mass and shrunk 250 m since 1982 Climate fund allots $1bn for poor nations Officials overseeing a U.N.-backed fund to help poor countries tackle climate change have approved more than $1 billion in new investments after a four-day meeting in Bahrain.