Effects of developed and developing countries policies Ukraine seeks Indian peacekeepers: Urging India to take up greater global security role, Ukraine has asked for Indian peacekeepers to help contain the conflict with Russia in the eastern part of the country.
Indian Economy The lowdown on GST pitfalls: Why does this matter? What is it? How did it come about? What next? The unintended consequences of GST: (The Hindu, Editorial) It has wreaked havoc on the informal sector.
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IISc team fabricates nanomaterial to treat Parkinson’s: The material protected cells against neurotoxin-induced cell death by scavenging excess ROS. Antibodies to treat a few genetic diseases: The antibodies selectively block the receptors from being pulled in but not the signalling. In a first, gene therapy halts a fatal brain disease: Gene therapy can hold off ALD without side effects, but with a caveat.