GS 2 Misogyny in a modern idiom The attacks on girls and women every day are symptomatic of a deep malaise Oldest friends India needs to stand firm on its deep engagement with Russia in coming months Too easily offended The Konark temple case shows some penal provisions are handy tools of harassment GS 3 Upgraded MiG-29 adds to air power The Indian Air Force’s beast — MiG-29 — has gained in strength and ferocity after an upgrade, giving the force, battling a shortage of fighter aircraft, a much-needed boost, according to officials. Shifting the burden of shame In its choice for Peace Prize this year, the Nobel Committee has empowered the narrative against sexual crimes India best for investments: PM Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Uttarakhand’s first investors summit on Sunday, saying India is the ideal investment destination in the world today with major social and economic changes sweeping the country. Banks to continue Aadhaar enrolment The Supreme Court has only ruled that Aadhaar is not mandatory for opening bank accounts, but the norms set for banks and post offices to undertake enrolment and update will stay as these are different from authentication services, Ajay Bhushan Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of the UIDAI, said.