GS 2 Govt. moves to stabilise rupee The government announced a set of five measures late on Friday aimed at supporting the rupee, which has been under pressure in the last few weeks, and ensuring that the current account deficit stays in control. Welfare panels can’t evaluate dowry complaints: SC The Supreme Court on Friday modified its July 2017 order which roped in retirees, wives of “working officers” and social workers to sift genuine complaints of dowry harassment from the frivolous ones. SC questions ‘leprosy-free’ tag for India India “underestimated” leprosy and diverted funds meant to eliminate the curable disease for 18 long years, the Supreme Court said on Friday. The Supreme Court trans-formed The decriminalisation of homosexuality in the Navtej Johar judgment holds special relevance for transgender rights. Not only was Section 377 used disproportionately against transgender persons, the legal battle also took a new and positive turn from 2014 after the Supreme Court recognised the right to gender identity in NALSA v. Union of India. GS3 ‘Wiping out AIDS by 2030 will not be easy’ India’s long battle against AIDS is not likely to end any time soon, if the latest figures released by the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) on Friday is any indication. The data revealed that, as of 2017, there were still around 21.40 lakh people living with HIV in India, with the prevalence among adults stood at 0.22 per cent. Beyond recompense The ‘ISRO espionage case’ marked a disgraceful chapter in the history of police investigation in the country. Power games Policymakers, not courts, should take charge to resolve structural issues in the power sector Family-owned firms fare better: CSRI Indian family-owned businesses are among the best in Asia, accounting for more than 50% of the top 30 performers in terms of growth and profitability. ‘Pollution cools monsoon days’ ncreased emissions of aerosols into the atmosphere due to pollution are beginning to have a definite cooling effect of 1 degree C during the Indian summer monsoon period, a study has found.