Geophysical phenomena Why the sizes of earthquakes multiply rather than add up: (Indian Express, Explained)

Magnitude is derived from a formula involving a logarithm, which makes the scale exponential rather than linear.

India and neighbors All help, but no troops to Afghanistan: (The Hindu) India will expand aid to strife-hit nation. U.S. nudges India-Afghanistan trade: (The Hindu) Abdullah Abdullah to meet PM Modi. Government Policies BSF pushes back Rohingya from Tripura: (The Hindu) The National Human Rights Commission has opposed the government’s move to deport and push back the Rohingya and sought a report from the Ministry. International institutions Of paramount interest?: (The Hindu, Editorial) This year’s session of the UN General Assembly has confirmed the growing ineffectiveness of the world body.
Infrastructure and investment models Power problem: (The Hindu, Editorial) Structural issues of the sector must be tackled to ensure universal access to electricity. Science and Tech Centre backs local cybersecurity tech: (The Hindu) ‘Made in India’ solutions to get preference in official procurement with the objective of securing data. Pollution and conservation From waste to health: (Indian Express, Editorial)

Compost from biodegradable municipal solid waste will simultaneously clean up our cities and improve agricultural productivity and soil quality of our farms.

Indian Economy. Planning, Growth and Employment PM’s economic advisory body returns - at a time of both continuity and change: (Indian Express, Explained)

40 months into the government’s term, a new PMEAC has been announced, headed by NITI Aayog member Bibek Debroy, to advise the Prime Minister at a time of increasing concern over the economic slowdown.

India’s imminent economic crisis: (Live Mint, Editorial) The authorities need to undertake meaningful structural reforms and loosen monetary and exchange rate policy, not go in for misguided fiscal expansion. India’s GST is all tangled up: (Live Mint, Editorial) The government needs to remember the original motivation for the goods and services tax (GST)—to make paying taxes easier and reduce costs. ‘Panel to review industrial policy hurdles’: (The Hindu) New mechanism soon to fast-track investment proposals. Centre forms group to work on plans for 5G roll-out by 2020: (The Hindu) International telecom union to fix norms; India to partake. Challenges to internal security The Rohingya Threat: (Indian Express, Editorial)

India’s internal security concerns must override humanitarian impulses.

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Nerve stimulation pulls patient out of 15-year vegetative state: Researchers say that a nerve stimulation technique may have raised the level of consciousness in a 35-year-old man who has been in a vegetative state for years.