Dear Friends, As some of us prepare to write Mains in  October this year, a lot us are moving into the preparation zone for 2018. If the static part of the syllabus forms the backbone of your preparation, current affairs is the essential nervous system that helps coordinate your entire reading into meaningful preparation. Starting September, we will be coming up with weekly compilations to help you have a rock solid preparation for Current Affairs for both Prelims & Mains. This should aid your existing reading and help you quickly revise things from the newspaper. Due weight -age has been given to facts that matter. A careful compilation f such facts will help you in content differentiation in the long run. As we receive feedback from you, we will improve on the work we do. How to use these compilations?
  • These compilations are not to be stored saved and collected. They are supposed to be thoroughly read, underlining and making short notes / acronyms along the side pages.
  • After reading these, it will be an even better idea to make half pager self notes addressing all dimensions of the issues.

To download previous Weekly Current Affairs Compilations : Click Here