NSIT graduate Dhruv Mittal secured a rank of 99 in CSE 2018. He cleared the exam in his 3rd attempt. His optional subject was Geography. He started preparing right away after college after leaving the job offers he had in hand. He had enrolled in ForumIAS's Test Series and Current Affairs Classes. Like everyone else, he followed the basic books for prelims and found Current Affairs to be the biggest obstacle during the preparation for prelims. For students who are going to appear in pre this year and the year after, he suggests that a thorough study and multiple revision of Current Affairs from any two sources of the last 12 months would suffice. Before appearing for the prelims in 2018, he dedicated his last 90 days just to prelims preparation. For Mains preparation, he preferred to study in a group so as to get acquainted with the different answer writing approaches that can be used in the paper. Answer writing, according to him, is the most important part of the Mains Examination, which he did justice to in the real exam by adding a lot of supporting diagrams, articles, facts, and tables. In essay-writing, he suggests, an objective approach should be taken by adding elements of creativity in the essay. One should be able to apply every relevant concept one has learned and create different dimensions while writing the main body of the essay. Dhruv used to read toppers' essays to get a clear idea of how it is done. Watch his video where he talks about the strategy that made him succeed this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSxEJ3lnLjU  

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