ASI’s “Adopt a Heritage 2.0 programme” Indian Heritage app launched

The post is based on the article ASI’s “Adopt a Heritage 2.0 programme” Indian Heritage app launched ”  published in PIB on 4th September 2023

What is the News?

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has launched the “Adopt a Heritage 2.0” programme and Indian Heritage app.

What is Adopt a Heritage Programme?

Adopt a Heritage Programme was launched in 2017 under the Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the ASI.

Under this programme, corporate stakeholders were invited to adopt from over 3,000 protected monuments spread across the country.

What is Adopt a Heritage 2.0 Programme?

‘Adopt a Heritage 2.0’, is the upgraded version of ‘Adopt a Heritage’ programme. 

The programme encourages corporate stakeholders to utilize their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds to enhance facilities at historically-important monuments.

Changes made: It has incorporated a host of changes to the programme such as: 

– Clearly defined the amenities sought for different monuments as per Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act (or AMASR Act), 1958.

– Freedom has been given to companies to either adopt a monument in whole and develop its tourism infrastructure, or provide a particular amenity such as drinking water facility or cleaning services for one or several sites.

Applying procedure for a monument: The stakeholders can apply for adopting a monument or specific amenities at a monument through a dedicated web portal 

– The process for selection will be carried out after due-diligence and discussions with various stakeholders and assessing the economic and developmental opportunities at each monument.

– The term of the appointment will be for a period of five years initially, which may be further extended up to five years.

What is an Indian Heritage app?

Indian Heritage app will showcase the heritage monuments of India.The app will feature state-wise details of monuments along with photographs, list of public amenities available, geo-tagged location and feedback mechanism for citizens. 

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