Assam’s rice wine Judima gets GI tag

What is the News?

Judima has been awarded the geographical indication (GI) tag.

What is Judima?

Judima is a rice wine made from sticky rice (glutinous rice called Bora) which is steamed and mixed with traditional herbs called Thembra (Acacia pennata).

The wine is a speciality of the Dimasa tribe of the state (Assam) and has a distinct sweet taste and takes around one week to prepare, and it can be stored for years.

What is the significance of this recognition?

Judima is the first beverage from the northeast to earn the GI Tag.

Moreover, the GI tag for Judima came 14 years after the ginger of the adjoining Karbi Anglong district received its geographical indication.

Source: This post is based on the articleAssam’s rice wine Judima gets GI tagpublished in The Hindu on 27th Sep 2021.

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