Automatic Generation Control(AGC): Union Minister of Power and NRE dedicates Automatic Generation Control to the nation

What is the News?

The Union Minister of Power and New & Renewable Energy has launched the Automatic Generation Control(AGC).

What is the need for Automatic Generation Control(AGC)?

Renewable energy (RE) generation in India has been on a steady rise. However, the fluctuating nature of energy from renewables requires power balancing in real-time to keep supply and demand in sync. Hence, the AGC has been launched.

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How will Automatic Generation Control(AGC) help?

Operated by: AGC is being operated by Power System Operation Corporation (POSOCO) through the National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC).

Function: Through AGC, NLDC can send signals to more than 50 power plants in the country every 4 seconds to maintain the frequency and reliability of the Indian Power System. This will ensure more efficient and automatic frequency control for handling variable and intermittent renewable generation.

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What is the significance of this launch?

This is expected to facilitate achieving the government’s ambitious target of 500 GW non-fossil fuel-based generation capacity by 2030

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Source: This post is based on the article Union Minister of Power and NRE dedicates Automatic Generation Control to the nationpublished in PIB on 4th Jan 2022.

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