AWFG 2.0 – List of Candidate Selected for AWFG – Select Focus and Reserve Group

Hello and Welcome All,

First, thanks to all of you for so enthusiastically participating in the entrance Test for AWFG.

AWFG 2.0 – The SFG for Mains 2021  – Click Here for more details on AWFG 2.0

At one point, we did feel that the Entrance Test was a little on the tougher side, and required a it of radical commitment. Notwithstanding all the things you had to go through, we are very proud of the fact that so many wonderful copies were received  🙂

It was also wonderful to seem some of our most promising students participate in the initiative. We guarantee you that through this program, your coverage of the syllabus will be much improved. You can also expect at least 20% of concepts / questions asked in the exam to be directly or indirectly from here – that is our experience from past, but not our primary objective.

Our primary objective is to ensure that you have good coverage of the syllabus  and are well-prepared for the Mains.

There have been few suggestions from you which we would like to address

One, regarding grading but no evaluation with comments – some of you have said that they think it may not work from them.

To address this, please understand that we want a spirit of competition in the program. Those of you who do not want evaluation, but only want test papers and discussions, like last time can choose not to submit the paper. They will not be marked “0” like in AWFG, but will be marked as “NA” , so as not to demotivate you.

Those of you who don’t want a grading, but want accountability, can upload their papers and mark “Do not evaluate” on the front page and we will not evaluate them.

Lastly, those of you who enjoy the external accountability, discipline,  can go ahead and accept the grading.

A Note on the Grading we are using.

  • We grade Answers on a scale of 1-10. Good Answers score in the range of 7-10. Average Answers score in the range of 4-6. Poor Answers are graded in the range of 1-3
  • Your Relative Indicative Score is calculated on a scale of 10. You must aim at a score of 8+. A core of 6+ is acceptable. Anything below that , requires more effort.

Please read the below Terms & Conditions before you sign up for the Membership.

  1. AWFG is an intensive program, and is not a substitute for a Mains Test Series. We have MGP for that. AWFG does not provide evaluation or mentorship, but only indicative grading.
  2. AWFG offers no flexibility of any sort. Answers must be submitted by the designated time for it to be graded. They will not be graded, if submitted after the time.
  3. Your access to the program will be based on monthly renewal. In case you do not renew or if you are not selected for the next month,  you will be removed from the program, and you will lose all access to course.
  4. No refunds of any kind will be entertained whatsoever. However, Our team will fully assist you in any genuine issues that you face.
  5. Please accept the grading on a scale of 1-10 or A/B/C as it is. The evaluator judges your answer on content, ease of read, and your effort. He does not know you personally to have a liking or disliking for you. He / She is guided objectively by an internal answer guide for every test paper.
  6. Scores are indicative in nature. They have no relation with your score in Mains or the MGP Tests, but are merely used to indicate your performance on a scale of 10 for that part of the syllabus.
  7. We will try our best to provide a ranklist everyday at 11PM of the same day. However, for the sake of quality and keeping in mind availability of Team Members due to Covid situation, we may need upto 72 hours for publishing ranklist for some tests.


**No Checked Copies of the Entrance Test will be provided**

**Those whose names are not there in list have not been selected. In case you have a disagreement with the decision, please email to and cc to **



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