AWFG 3.0 for Mains 2021 – Starts with Entrance Test on 17th October – Register Here

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Dear Friends,

We are all excited to inform you that registrations for AWFG 3.0  Mains 2021 is now open!

The AWFG Entrance Test will be held on 17th October, at 11AM. The QCA Booklet will have 5 Questions, and will be open book Test. Candidates are expected to submit their answers in the printed QCA Booklet or in A4 sheet, with details of Name, Email, Mobile, Roll Number by 10PM of Sunday, October 17th.

How to register?

Candidates must register by paying a one time, non-refundable, non-transferable fee of Rs. 500 by visiting the link here.

Once registered, they will be added to the course “AWFG Entrance Test – Mains 2021” by 10AM of October 17th.

How to write the Entrance Test? – both Online & Offline

Students will be able to access the Entrance Test online by visiting the course – “AWFG Entrance Test – Mains 2021” under My Courses at 11AM on Sunday, 17th October. They will be able to see the Question Paper & QCA Booklet. It is recommended but not mandatory to write the Tests in QCA Booklet. In case candidates send the answers in A4 Sheet they must contain the details as below :


  1. Candidates can write and submit the Test by walking in to the Center between 11AM to 5 PM on Sunday, October 17, 2021 at New Delhi Center and Patna Center.
  2. Alternatively, candidates can submit the copies online on the Academy portal by 10PM.
  3. Candidates who cannot write the Test on Sunday will be given a second opportunity to write the Test at a later day, if they have registered and paid for the entrance Test.

How we will proceed after that?

  1. On October 19th, by 10PM, Tuesday candidates results will be declared. Based on the performance of the Entrance Test, students will be required to pay the fees. Candidates must pay the fee by Thursday 10PM to be able to write the Tests from Saturday, October 23rd. 

How it will work?

We shall be conducting AWG Tests on Monday, Wednesday, Friday ( M, W, F ), except the first Test which is on Saturday  . The program is open to all candidates.

Test Papers will be released every M, W, F at 2PM and candidates are expected to write it strictly between 2PM – 3PM depending on their time slot.  Tests have to be written on the same day. No Test Papers and solutions will be provided to students who miss the tests on the designated days. They may access the same from the Academy portal thereafter.

At 3PM the discussions will be held for AWFG in the classroom and made available LIVE.

No evaluation will be provided. Candidates are expected to do peer evaluation. It is recommended that candidates form small groups and do self evaluation.

Will the Answer Copies be evaluated?

No. They also do not need to be uploaded back on the Portal

What is the fee structure?

  1. For candidates who will figure in the Top 100 in the Entrance Test based on internal grading, a fee of Rs. 3100+ GST will be payable. For other candidates, a fee of Rs. 3500 + GST will be payable. This has to be paid Only One time. There will be no renewals as tests will be winded up December 9.
  2. Candidates who are part of MGP 2021 will have to pay a flat fee of Rs. 2000+ GST, irrespective of their group . They can do so by visiting the Center or by making an NEFT payment and dropping a mail to
  3. Students who were part of AWFG held just before Prelims will get free access to GS Paper 1 test papers which were pending. For this, you have to drop a mail to with your previous AWFG payment slip and you will be given access to the first-week course. If you want to take the full AWFG 3.0 for Mains 2021, register for the entrance test and post-selection pay the concession fee of Rs. 2000 + GST and take the full program.
  4. This year, due to paucity of time, we will have one single batch with no monthly renewals.

Payment Links for AWFG 3.0: 

Payment link for students selected in AWFG 3.0 (SFG) – Rs. 3100 + GST (18%) per month

Payment link for students selected in AWFG 3.0 (RLG) – Rs. 3500 + GST (18%) per month

Payment link for students in AWFG 2.0 and MGP 2021

Important Links :

  1. Announcement & Noticeboard Link –
  2. Registration Link –
  3. Calender Link –
  4. Queries – Please post it on the ForumIAS Community –
  5. Link of Channel for Regular Updates:

Important Dates :

  1. Registration Opening Date: 14th October, 10PM
  2. Registration Closing Date : 16th October, 10PM
  3. Entrance Test Commencement : 11AM, 17th October 
  4. Entrance Test Submission Deadline : 10PM, Sunday, 17th October
  5. Release of first List : 10PM, Tuesday, October 19th.
  6. Commencement of AWFG – first Test – October 23, 2PM, Saturday
  7. End Date of AWFG – Last Date – December 8, 2021


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