‘Back to Village’ programme in J&K

Back to Village(B2V) programme

News: Jammu and Kashmir Government announced the third phase of ambitious Back to Village(B2V) programme.


  • Back to Village(B2V) programme: The programme aims to involve the people of the state and government officials in a joint effort to deliver the mission of equitable development. It also aims to energize Panchayats and direct development efforts in rural areas through community participation.
  • Four main goals:
    • energising panchayats.
    • collecting feedback on the delivery of government schemes and programmes.
    • capturing specific economic potential.
    • undertaking assessment of needs of villages.
  • Phases:
    • Phase I: To understand people’s grievances and demands.
    • Phase-II: It focused on the devolution of powers to panchayats and tried to understand how these panchayats are functioning and what are the grievances and demands
    • Phase-III: It has been designed on the format for grievance redressal.
  • Features of Back to Village(B2V) programme.:
    • As part of the programme, each gazetted officer will be assigned a gram panchayat where he/she will interact and obtain feedback from the panchayat representatives about their concerns, developmental needs and economic potential of the area.

The feedback obtained will help the government in needs assessment and subsequently to tailor the various central and state government schemes/programmes in improving the delivery of village-specific services and making the village life better in terms improved amenities and economic upliftment.

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