Badminton and Jogging as a hobby

1. Why Badminton is more popular than tennis in India. Reasons behind the dominance of Asian countries in Badminton.
2. Dimension of shuttlecock, what is it made of? Implications of it.
3. Can you name some of the teams of Indian Badminton League. Reasons behind its popularity
4. History of Badminton. Where it originated?
5. Difference between Walking, Jogging and Running?

Other questions on Badminton

(i) What basic traits, do you think, a good Badminton players should possess? viz. Mental alertness, agility, flexibility, control, power, etc.

(ii) Know about  terminologies like Alley, Back Alley, Backcourt, Baseline, Bird or birdie , Carry, Center Line, Clear, Court, Drive, etc. (check out this link )

(iii) Know about India’s and Indians’ performance in International arena viz. that of Saina Nehwal, Pullela Gopichand, Prakash Padukone etc.

(iv) Which countries have dominated International Badminton? Know about their current prominent players.

(v) Which are the important international tournaments? Are any important tournaments held in India?

(vi) How to popularize the game in India? What does India need to do to improve its performance in International arena?

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