Bail orders will be sent instantly to jail authorities: SC

Source: The Hindu  

What is the news?

The Chief Justice of India (CJI) announced the rollout of a new scheme called FASTER. It will ensure the timely release of prisoners from jail and uphold their dignity. 

  • The Chief Justice of India announced the rollout of a new scheme called FASTER to cut delay in the release of convicts after the grant of bail in a case.
  • It stands for ‘Fast and Secure Transmission of Electronic Records’. 
  • It would enable the Supreme Court (SC) to instantly, directly, securely, and electronically transmit bail and other orders to jail authorities, district courts, and High Courts.
Need for the FASTER scheme:
  • People given bail have to wait for days before prison authorities release them.
    • Recently, 13 prisoners in Agra Jail were granted bail by the Supreme Court on July 8 but were released by the prison authorities after a delay of four days.
    • Similarly, Pinjra Tod activists walked out of Tihar Jail nearly two days after the Delhi High Court granted them bail.
  • The prison authorities insist on receiving the “authentic” hard copy of the bail order, regardless of the fact that personal liberty and dignity are jeopardized due to delays.
Way Ahead:
  • The Bench asked State governments to file their reports about the Internet connectivity in their jails to prevent technical glitches in the future. 
  • The Secretary-General of the Supreme Court was directed to submit a comprehensive report formulating the scheme within two weeks.
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