Basking in reflected glory

News: The recent appointment of Parag Agrawal, as the CEO of US-based company ‘Twitter’ started renewed debate on brain drain from India.

What are the reasons for brain drain from India?

It started in the late-1960s when private sector companies were few and there were few good jobs available in public sector undertakings.

Unlike India, the ecosystem of the U.S. helps spot talent and allows people to rise to the top.

Better graduate and post-graduate education in foreign attracts bright candidates from India.

Many Indian-origin Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry, medicine and economics pursued their higher education in the U.S. and settled there.

What is the way forward?

India should learn from China. Chinese people did not need to go to the U.S. to rise to the top. They were able to create success stories for themselves, sitting in China.

Chinese entrepreneurs founded world’s most competitive companies in China.

India should provide a conducive ecosystem that creates world-beating companies and institutions that can produce Nobel Laureates.

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Source: This post is based on the article “Basking in reflected glory” published in The Hindu on 7th Dec 2021.

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