“BBV154” A Bharat Biotech’s Intranasal Vaccine vaccine

What is the news?
An expert body is looking into Bharat Biotech’s application for testing its  Covid-19 vaccine, BBV154. This is an Intranasal Vaccine.

What is Intranasal Vaccine?

  • Vaccines are administered as injectable shots into the muscles(intramuscular). Or the tissue just between the skin and the muscles(subcutaneous).
  • However, with intranasal vaccines, the solution is sprayed into the nostrils and inhaled instead of injecting it.

Benefits of Intranasal Vaccine:

  • The nasal route has excellent potential for vaccination due to the organized immune systems of the nasal mucosa.
    • It is non-invasive, Needle-free.
    • Ease of administration – does not require trained health care workers.
    • Elimination of needle-associated risks (injuries and infections).
    • High compliance (Ideally suits for children and adults).
    • Reduces the overall cost of a vaccination drive as for example BBV154 requires a single-dose regimen.

Potential Setbacks of Intranasal Vaccine:

  • Past attempts to develop intranasal vaccines, including for measles flu, have not been very successful.
  • These vaccines use live, weakened viruses, but have never cleared clinical trials.
  • Only a live attenuated influenza flu vaccine has been licensed through this route of delivery.

Source: Indian Express

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