Beyond percentages: A test for promises on women’s representation

Synopsis: There is a need to give women candidates the required power which they deserve in legislature.


Recently, Congress announced to allot 40% of seats for women in the coming UP elections. This initiates the debate of women giving the required representation in Parliament.

What is the status of women in politics?

Legislature: There is the reservation of 1/3rd or half of the seats for women in the Panchayats, while it is absent in the Parliament. Women Reservation bill was passed by Rajya Sabha a long time ago, but still awaiting the nod of Lok Sabha.

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Party: In spite of having lakhs of women members in the parties, political parties gave barely a tenth of their tickets to women.

Stagnancy: About 10 lakh women are elected to local bodies every five years, but their careers remain confined at that level.

What do the studies say regarding women candidates?  

Election Commission studies have shown that if women candidates come from viable parties, they have good chances of winning. Studies have also shown that for the Panchayat that is led by women, social issues like health, education and sanitation are prioritized and prejudices lessen.

Source: This post is based on the article “Beyond percentages: A test for promises on women’s representation” published in the Times of India on 23rd October 2021.

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