Beyond words

Beyond words


  1. India needs to be cautious when dealing with Pakistan with courtesy.

Important facts:

2. Indian Prime minister has congratulated newly appointed PM in Pakistan to pursue “Constructive Engagement” to foster the relation and shared the vision on peace and development.

3. Pakistan’s newly appointed PM Imran Khan has offered “two steps for every one steps” as a part of foreign policy.

4. Bilateral cricket is on high agenda to increase people-to-people ties.

5. Indian high commissioner has presented a cricket bat with signature of Indian team member to Mr. Khan.

6. Mr. Khan has expressed the best way to resolve the differences and trade related issues with dialogue.

7. However the leaders of both the countries need to be little cautious in maintaining the trust in backdrop of past experiences like.

  • Attack on Pathankot airbase just a day after Indian PM Visit in Lahore
  • Criticism of Mr. Khan against his predecessor on maintaining close ties with India

8. First course of action should be on resolving the situation near line of control and restoration of ceasefire.

9. Indian Prime Minister may also need to change its orientation against SAARC processes by attending long delayed summit due in Pakistan.

Pakistan could bring economic prosperity by adhering to Financial Action Task force guidelines on ending terror financing.

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