Biden and new diplomacy

Context: The expected actions of the Biden presidency and its Political, Environmental and Global institutional implications.

What are the present challenges to India under Biden’s presidency?

  • Environmental: India’s environmental policies will be closely monitored and discussed world over. For example, the restrictions removed in mining of forests or on land use in the natural forests of Kashmir may attract criticism.
  • Minority rights: Biden presidency is very sensitive to minority rights as constitutionally proclaimed. For example, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has already commented on Kashmir issue.
  • Global trade: Biden presidency will pursue the objective of strengthening multilateral accords and WTO rules with more diplomatic pressure. For example, our government had already given up the food security and livelihood clauses as preconditions for discussing “other issues”, basically tariff reduction.

How India needs to recalibrate its strategy?

  • Environment
    • Need to emphasise for a progressive stand at the Paris negotiations.
    • Need for more sensitive implementation of environmental laws by resisting pressure from corporate interests.
    • The rights of Adivasis habitation, livelihood, spiritual affiliation with trees and the jungle will need greater attention.
  • Minority rights: Strict adherence to the rule of law and more reforms for the development of inclusive society
  • Trade: Need to push for reconsidering GSP preference and India should resist diplomatic pressure by sticking to its common but differentiated responsibility (CBDR) principle
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