Biden’s “Afghanistan Peace Plan”

What is the News?

The US administration has proposed a new peace plan to the Afghan government and the Taliban. It aims to bring violence to a halt in Afghanistan.

What are the Key Features of Biden’s Afghanistan Peace plan?

  1. UN Summit: United Nations will convene a meeting of the foreign ministers from China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, India, and the United States. It will develop a “unified approach” to peace in Afghanistan.
  2. Withdrawal of Troops: The peace plan has kept open the possibility that the 2500-odd US troops in Afghanistan might stay on for a while. Under the Doha agreement with the Taliban, the US had promised to withdraw all troops by May 1 this year.
  3. Turkey to Organise a Meeting: The United States has asked Turkey to convene a meeting of the Afghan government and the Taliban to finalise a peace settlement.
  4. Taliban to Reduce Violence: The United States has asked Taliban to accept an immediate agreement to reduce violence for 90 days. It will provide the space for the peace initiative.
  5. Inclusive Interim Government: US has asked Afghan Government and Taliban to move towards a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire and form an interim unity government.

Where does the Afghanistan Government Stand on this peace plan?

  • Afghan Government administration has consistently been critical of the U.S.’s direct outreach to the Taliban.
  • During the Doha agreement, Afghan President said that he is the only legitimate representative of the Afghan people. Thus, he opposed making concessions to the Taliban.
  • On the Peace Plan Proposal by the US, Afghan President has reiterated his opposition to any transfer of power except through elections. Further, the Afghan Vice President has said that the US can make a decision on their troops, not on the people of Afghanistan.

Source: The Hindu

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