Bihar Assembly Passed the “Bihar Special Armed Police Bill 2021”

What is the News?

Bihar State Assembly has passed the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill, 2021.

About Bihar Special Armed Police Bill, 2021
  • The mandate of the bill is to maintain public order, combat extremism. Further, the bill ensures better protection and security of specific establishments.
  • For this, the Bill proposes setting up a Special Armed Police force. The Special Armed Police will have one or more battalions depending on the requirement for any specified period.
  • Nodal Authority: The command, supervision, and administration of the Special Armed Police shall vest in the Director-General of Police, Bihar.
  • However, the general superintendence of the Special Police shall be exercised by the Government.
Powers of the Special Armed Police force:
  • Firstly, Power to arrest without a warrant: They will have the power to arrest people even without a warrant. This power will be available to any of the Special Armed Police’s officers.
  • Secondly, Arrests on suspicion: They have the power to arrest people on the basis of mere suspicion. This includes suspicion like disrupting state government functions or attempting to conceal their presence with the aim to commit a crime or cognizable offence.
  • Thirdly, Search without Warrant: They have the power to conduct a search of a suspect’s premises without obtaining a warrant from a magistrate. The only safeguard is that the search can be conducted by an officer of a notified rank or above.
  • And Lastly, Immunity from Courts: The bill also grants immunity to the officers of the Special Armed Police. It bars courts from taking cognizance of any complaint against the Special Armed Police. The court can take action only when the state government has sanctioned action against the concerned officers.

Source: Indian Express

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