What is Botanical Survey of India?

  • The Botanical Survey of India (BSI) is the apex research organization under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India for carrying out taxonomic and floristic studies on wild plant resources of the country.
  • It was established in 1890 with the objectives of exploring the plant resources of the country and identifying plant species with economic virtue.
  • In 1954, the Government reorganised the BSI

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    The prime objectives of the BSI are:

(1)Undertake  intensive floristic surveys and collecting accurate and detailed information on the occurrence, distribution, ecology and economic utility of plants in the country;

(2) collect, identify and distribute materials that may be of use to educational and research institutions; and

(3) to act as the custodian of authentic collections in well planned herbaria and documenting plant resources in the form of local, district, state and national flora.

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