Cabinet Approves changes In Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme For Scheduled Caste Students

Source: The Hindu

News: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved changes to the post-matric scholarship scheme for students from the Scheduled Castes.


  • Changes are aimed to benefit more than 4 Crore SC students in the next 5 years so that they can successfully complete their higher education.
  • Post Matric Scholarship scheme For Scheduled Caste Students: The Scheme aims to provide financial assistance to the Scheduled Caste students studying at post matriculation or post-secondary stage to enable them to complete their education.
  • Eligibility: These scholarships are available for studies in India only and are awarded by the government of the State/Union Territory to which the applicant actually belongs i.e. permanently settled.
  • Funding: It is a Centrally Sponsored scheme with a funding pattern of 60-40 for the Centre and States.
    • This replaces the existing ”committed liability” system and brings greater involvement of the Central government in this scheme.
  • Income Ceiling: Scholarships will be paid to the students whose parents/guardians’ income from all sources does not exceed Rs. 2,50,000/- (Rupees two lakh fifty thousand only).
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  • Transparency: The scheme will be run on an online platform with cyber security measures that would assure transparency, accountability, efficiency, and timely delivery of the assistance without any delays.
  • Community Audit: The community audits of the scheme would be conducted to make sure the benefits were reaching the students.
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