Cabinet approves extension of Atal Innovation Mission

What is the News?

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister has approved the continuation of Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) till March 2023. 

What is Atal Innovation Mission(AIM)?

Launched by: NITI Aayog in accordance with the Finance Minister’s declaration in the 2015 Budget Speech. 

Aim: To create and promote an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship across the country via interventions at school, university, research institutions, MSME and industry levels. 

Key Initiatives under the mission: Click Here to read about it 

What are the key achievements of the AIM?

The mission has focused on both infrastructure creation and institution building.

It has also worked on integrating the innovation ecosystem, both nationally and globally. For example: 

– AIM has created bilateral relations with various international agencies for building synergistic collaboration on innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the AIM – SIRIUS Student Innovation exchange program with Russia.

– The AIMs played a pivotal role in the success of InSpreneur, an Innovation Startup Summit hosted between India and Singapore.

– The AIM has also partnered with the Ministry of Defence to set up the Defence Innovation Organization, which is fostering innovation as well as procurement in the defence sector.

Source: This post is based on the article Cabinet approves extension of Atal Innovation Missionpublished in PIB on 8th April 2022.

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