Cabinet nod for Bill making instant triple talaq a crime

Cabinet nod for Bill making instant triple talaq a crime


The Union Cabinet on Friday approved a Bill that makes instant triple talaq or talaq-e-biddat a criminal offence and a Muslim husband resorting to instant talaq can be jailed for up to three years.

This Bill will adjudicate all cases of instant triple talaq across the country except Jammu and Kashmir.

  • The government intends to introduce the Bill in the winter session of Parliament that got under way on Friday
  • Last month, the Law Ministry had written to all the States for their comments and asked them to revert urgently.

Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill

The proposed Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill will deal with complaints against instant triple talaq across the country, except Jammu and Kashmir.

Subsistence allowance

  • As per provisions of the draft Bill, earlier reported by The Hindu,a husband who resorts to instant triple talaq can be fined or face a jail term of up to three years.
  • Instant triple talaq in any form — oral, written or electronic form — has been banned and made a cognisable offence
  • The Bill also provides for a subsistence allowance of a harassed Muslim woman and her dependent children and the custodial rights of minor children.

Practice Continues

  • The government sources say data suggests even after the judgement, there have been 66 cases of instant divorce until November.
  • And before the judgment, there were 177 cases with Uttar Pradesh and Bihar recording the maximum number of cases.
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