Cannot Stop Media Reports on Court Observations – Supreme Court

What is the News?

The Supreme Court has said that the media cannot be stopped from reporting the oral observations made by the judges during a case.

What was the case?
  • A petition was filed by the Election Commission of India(ECI) in the Supreme Court against the oral remarks made by Madras High Court.
  • The Madras High Court had said that the ECI was singularly responsible for COVID second wave. And ECI officers should probably be booked for murder.
  • The EC said that these oral remarks would impact or lower the faith of the masses in the poll body and democratic process.
  • Further, the EC had also asked the SC to stop the media from reporting on oral observations of the court.
What did the court say?

 On Madras High Court Observations:

  • The Supreme Court has asked the EC to take criticism of Madras HC constructively. Because discussions are in the public interest and faith in institutions is vital to democracy.
  • Further, according to the apex court, High Courts are also a constitutional body. Thus, the SC will not demoralize the high court judges by issuing any kind of restraint on them.
On Media Reporting:
  • The Court observed that the media is the watchdog of the sanctity of the judicial process.
  • Hence, no one can stop media from reporting oral remarks made by judges during a court hearing.
  • Further, an honest and full report of the comments in courts by the media gives the public insight. Thus, they can see whether judges are genuinely applying their minds to resolve their crises.

Source: The Hindu

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