CAQM holds review meetings to address stubble burning

Source: The post is based on the article CAQM holds review meetings to address stubble burning published in PIB on 26th October 2022

What is the News?

The Commission for Air Quality Management(CAQM) has issued statutory directions for the implementation of state-specific action plans, following a spike in stubble burning in Punjab.

What is Stubble Burning?

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What is the plan of action prepared by Punjab against Stubble burning? 

Based on a broad framework developed by CAQM and learnings from the past paddy harvesting seasons, a comprehensive Action Plan was prepared by the State Government of Punjab, with the following major pillars of action:

– Diversification to other crops, diversification to low straw generating and early maturing paddy varieties;

In-situ crop residue management including bio-decomposer application;

Ex-situ crop residue management;

IEC activities;

– Monitoring and effective enforcement.

What is the plan of action prepared by Chhattisgarh against Stubble burning? 

An innovative experiment has been undertaken by the Chhattisgarh government to tackle stubble burning by setting up gauthans.

A gauthan is a dedicated five-acre plot, held in common by each village, where all the unused stubble is collected through parali daan (people’s donations) and is converted into organic fertilizer by mixing with cow dung and a few natural enzymes.

This model has also generated employment among rural youth.

The government supports the transportation of stubble from the farm to the nearest gauthan. The state has successfully developed 2,000 gauthans.

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