Case Study: How Bidar in Karnataka effectively handled second covid wave with the help of a healthtech startup?

CloudPhysician, a healthtech startup digital platform RADAR connects remote ill-equipped intensive care units (ICUs) with specialist doctors.

With its hub-and-spoke model, the startup enables a centralized hub to offer medical advice remotely, improving the quality of care.

CloudPhysician installed a range of digital devices, and monitoring equipment that capture and digitize patient’s data, which can then be transferred to the hub in Bengaluru.

Alongside, doctors and paramedics were trained to handle the new equipment. This had two important effects.

Firstly, ICU patients could be monitored remotely 24/7 by super-specialists and secondly, staff at the hospital stepped up.

Currently, CloudPhysician’s RADAR has been rolled out across 450 ICU beds in over 35 hospitals—at least 10 of them are government hospitals located in places ranging from places in Maharashtra to Leh.

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