CBSE’s New Assessment System for Class 10 Students

Synopsis: CBSE has canceled the board examinations for 10th class students. CBSE’s new assessment system will be the new system based on objective criteria to assess their academic performance.

How marks are awarded for students as per CBSE’s new assessment system?

The basic break-up of marks provided by the board is as follows;

  1. Internal Assessment – 20 marks
  2. Periodic/Unit Test – 10 marks
  3. Half Yearly/Mid-Term Examination – 30 marks
  4. Pre-Board Examinations – 40 marks

However, there is no uniformity between schools regarding the number of tests conducted and the mode of examination. For instance,

  • One or more schools have not conducted the above three categories of tests/exams.
  • Also, some schools have resorted to Online exams while others have conducted exams Offline.
  • Further, there are possibilities that some students might have not appeared in some of the examinations conducted by schools.
How are these irregularities bridged by the assessment process?
  1. The board proposes the formation of ‘Result Committees’ in every school. They are required to prepare a criterion of 80 marks through a ‘rationale document’.
  2. It will be used to assess students belonging to schools where all tests have not been conducted or where students have not appeared for the assessment.
  3. The committees will consist of the principal, five teachers from mathematics, social sciences, science, and two languages, and two teachers from neighboring schools as external members.
How to ensure objectivity in the assessment process?
  • To achieve objectivity, the board prescribes a system of internal moderation by all schools based on the historical performance of a school.
    • One, the best performance of a school in the last three years’ board examinations is taken as the ‘reference year’
    • Two, subject-wise marks assessed by the school for 2021 should be within a range of 2 marks obtained by the school in the reference year.
    • Three, the overall average marks for the school assessed in 2021, for all 5 main subjects, should not exceed the overall average marks obtained by the school in the reference year.
  • This system of assessment will provide a reliable, unbiased, and fair reference standard based on the school’s own past performance.
Options available for students who do cannot achieve the qualifying marks?
  • Firstly, the board proposes the policy of awarding grace marks to those who do not meet the qualifying criteria.
  • Secondly, students who are not able to meet the criterion after grace marks will be placed in the “Essential Repeat” or “Compartment” category.
  • Thirdly, students placed in the Compartment” category are required to write the compartment exam held by the school.
  • Fourthly, it will be an objective type online or offline exam based on sample question papers provided by the CBSE.
  • Fifthly, students will be allowed to continue in class XI till the compartment results are released.

Source: Indian Express

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