CDS operationalizes the third “Joint Logistics Node”(JLN) in Mumbai

What is the News?

Chief of Defence Staff operationalises the third Joint Logistics Node (JLN) in Mumbai.

About Joint Logistics Node(JLN):
  • The JLN has been established with an aim of integrating the military’s logistics. Further, it aims to set up and improving the military’s war-fighting ability.
  • This is the third Node to be set up. The two other logistics hub were operationalised in Guwahati and Port Blair in January 2021.
  • Purpose: The JLN will provide integrated logistics cover to all three armed forces. Especially for their small arms ammunition, rations, fuel, general stores, civil hired transport, aviation clothing, spares, and also engineering support.
  • Advantages: The JLN will also provide advantages like saving manpower, economic utilization of resources apart from financial savings.
  • Significance
    • It is a step towards theaterisation of commands. It consists of units from all 3 forces i.e. Navy, Army and Airforce.
    • It will be helpful in conducting all future wars by the tri-service in an integrated manner.
    • Such commands will come under the operational control of an officer from any of the three services, depending on the function assigned to that command.

Source: The Hindu


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