Ceasefire between India and Pakistan: Prospects of strengthening bilateral relations

Synopsis: India and Pakistan have agreed to ceasefire along the Line of Control. But the further strengthening of relations will depend upon the security improvement in the region.  


  • Recently, India and Pakistan agreed to a “strict observance” of all agreements and cease-fire along the Line of Control. This statement was delivered by Director Generals of Military Operations of India and Pakistan.  
  • It has become possible due to a strong leadership in India that In South Asia there is a chance of building “security community”.  
  • security community is defined as a region where countries have agreed not to use violence to settle their conflicts.  

Why this agreement is important?  

  • This development is an important confidence-building measure. It is very important because the number of reported violations of the cease-fire across the LoC increased dramatically in the last year.  
  • Due to firing impacts collateral damage takes place on the both sides. The most vulnerable sections is the one, living close to the LoC and other sectors.  
  • They will be the immediate beneficiaries if the statement is implemented in letter and spirit.  

Now there is a hope that this move will be the first step towards a gradual normalisation of diplomatic relations. Relations deteriorated since the abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019. 

What are the positive signals for good bilateral relations of India and Pakistan? 

  1. Pakistan’s leadership and its army has now start to understand the futility of a confrontationist course with India.  
  1. Also, it is in interest of India to strengthen this understanding of India by offering incentives to Pakistan that include the promise of a robust engagement. 
  1. India has also proved that its Neighbourhood First slogan is not an empty one. Under vaccine maitri initiative, India is providing free vaccine to its neighbours 
  1. There is a possibility of signing Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement with Bangladesh  
  1. If bilateral relations improve, we would witness a SAARC summit in Islamabad with participation of India in it.  

What are the challenges? 

  • However, strengthening connectivity and collaboration between India and Pakistan totally depends upon the security commitments.  
  • The big question now is, If Pakistan would avoid any interference in the Jammu and Kashmir. It would be the test of Pakistan’s strategic commitment to rebuilding bilateral relations.  

Issue of ceasefire violation between India and Pakistan – Explained Pointwise

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