Center-State Relations

Center and State relation is one of the pillars of Indian democracy, Where on One side, states have been given enough powers to facilitate their economic, Social and Political development, on the other side, the centre has been provided with enough powers to restrict any state from taking any action against the interest of the nation.

Center-state relation in India can be devided into 1. Legislative relations, 2. Administrative relations, 3. Financial relations

Center-State relations news/updates

  • 15th Finance commission report
    Context – The Fifteenth Finance Commission led by Chairman N K Singh, submitted its Report to the President of India. What are the key highlights of the latest report? The Fifteenth Finance Commission led by Chairman N. K. Singh submitted its report for the period 2021-2026 to President of India. As per the Terms of Reference (ToR), the Commission was ...
  • GST Compensation Cess
    What is Cess? A cess is an earmarked tax that is collected for a specific purpose and ought to be spent only for that. Cess may initially go to the CFI but has to be used for the purpose for which it was collected. Cess collections are supposed to be transferred to specified ...
  • Can a state challenge/reject central laws? On issue of farm bills and CAA
    Recently Punjab has denied implementing the Central Farm Laws in the state and has moved amendments to the legislations. Previously, on the Issue of CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act), several state governments like Kerala denied the implementation of the same in their states. Thus, the question arises, are states empowered to reject the ...
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