Centralised Access Control System(CACS) and ‘e-BCAS Project Training Module’

News:Union Minister for Civil Aviation has launched the Biometric enabled Centralised Access Control System(CACS) and ‘e-BCAS Project Training Module’ to enhance security and ease of doing business at airports.


About Centralised Access Control System(CACS):

  • The Centralised Access Control System(CACS) project aims to digitize the employee movement process at the airports.
  • It shall facilitate the ease of processing, enhanced security and prevent unauthorized entry into airport and alert authorities to an attempted intrusion or other irregularities for immediate response.
  • The project will assist around Two Lakh employees of various stakeholders who move in & out of the airport on a daily basis.

About e-BCAS Project:

  • The ‘e-BCAS’ project aims to achieve a paperless office under the e-Governance initiative of Government of India.
  • It is aimed at helping more than 1.5 lac employees of various stakeholders to migrate from the manual process of training to digital platform.
  • Further,the project also intends to make all the activities in the BCAS transparent, user-friendly and efficient to provide an ease of doing business with the stakeholders.

Benefits of the CACS and e-BCAS:

  • It reduces human intervention systematically and is a part of e-governance initiative.
  • The two projects are meant to enhance the security.
  • It improves the ease of doing business at airports.
  • It will make all the activities transparent, user friendly and efficient.

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