Centre adopts new standards for digital TV receivers

Source: The post is based on the article “Centre adopts new standards for digital TV receivers” published in The Hindu on 10th January 2023

What is the News?

The Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) has come out with quality standards for three electronic devices—digital television receivers, USB Type-C chargers and Video Surveillance Systems (VSS).

What are the standards set up by BIS for these three electronic devices?
Digital television receivers with built-in satellite tuners

The TV sets manufactured as per this Indian standard would enable reception of free-to-air TV and radio channels just by connecting a dish antenna with the LNB (a receiving device) mounted on a suitable place, at the rooftop or wall of the building.

At present, television viewers in the country need to purchase a set-top box for viewing various paid and free-to-air (non-encrypted) channels, including the Doordarshan channels.

USB Type C receptacles, plugs and cables

This standard would provide common charging solutions for smartphones and other electronic devices sold in the country. This would reduce the number of chargers per consumer as they would no longer need to buy different chargers for every new device.

Currently, consumers need different chargers for different gadgets due to the incompatibility of ports, leading to extra expenditure, an increase in e-waste, and plenty of inconveniences.

Video Surveillance System(VSS)

VSS is a crucial security element that is utilized virtually everywhere to record any unauthorized behaviour.

The standard gives a comprehensive overview of all aspects of a video surveillance system, including specifications for the cameras, interfaces, system requirements etc.

Significance: Given the rapidly changing technology in the security sector and the wide range of VSS options available, it is now difficult for the average person to select the VSS that is best suited for their intended application.

– This set of guidelines will help them identify the proper equipment needed for their intended applications, and provide a way to evaluate the performance of the VSS objectively. Additionally, it will also make VSS more reliable, durable and economical.



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