Centre is trying to curb lumpy skin disease: PM

Source: The post is based on the article “Centre is trying to curb lumpy skin disease: PMpublished in The Hindu on 13th September 2022.

What is the News?

The PM has addressed the inaugural session of the four-day International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit (IDF WDS) 2022.

What is the International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit (IDF WDS) 2022?

Organized by: International Dairy Federation(IDF) 

Hosted by: India 

Purpose: To allow participants to share knowledge and ideas on how the global dairy sector can contribute to nourishing the world population through safe and sustainable dairying.

Theme: ‘Dairy for Nutrition and Livelihood’

Note: The last dairy summit was held in India about half a century ago in 1974.

India’s Dairy Sector: India is ranked 1st in milk production contributing 23 % of global milk production. Milk production in the country has grown at a compound annual growth rate of about 6.2 % to reach 209.96 mn tonnes in 2020-21 from 146.31 mn tonnes in 2014-15.

– The top 5 milk-producing states are Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

What are the key highlights of PM’s address to the summit?

India’s dairy sector is characterized by “production by masses” more than “mass production”.

– There are no middlemen in this dairy sector. More than 70 per cent of the money received from the customers goes directly to the farmers,

– Women have a 70% representation in the workforce in India’s dairy sector. More than a third of the members of dairy cooperatives in India are women.

– India is building the largest database of dairy animals and every animal associated with the dairy sector is being tagged with biometric identification named – Pashu Aadhaar.

The total value of dairy production in the country is about Rs 8.5 lakh crore, which is more than the combined value of paddy and wheat production.

– By 2025, India will vaccinate 100% of the animals against foot and mouth disease and brucellosis. The government is also working with several states to control lumpy skin disease(LSD) reported across several states.

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