Centre, States to join hands to promote millets consumption

Source: The post is based on the article “Centre, States to join hands to promote millets consumption” published in The Hindu on 1st January,2023

What is the News?

To promote the cultivation and consumption of millets on a larger scale, the Union government with the help of various States and Indian embassies around the globe has launched the International Year of Millets(IYM).

What are Millets?

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What is the importance of Millet in India?

Millets were among the first crops to be domesticated in India with several evidence of its consumption during the Indus valley civilization. 

In India, millets are primarily a Kharif crop, requiring less water and agricultural inputs than other similar staples. 

In 2018, the Government of India rebranded Millets as “Nutri Cereals” followed by the year 2018 being declared as the National Year of Millets aiming at larger promotion and demand generation. 

What has the Government of India planned to do to promote millets in 2023? 

Union Ministries, States and Indian embassies have been allocated a ‘focussed month’ each in 2023 to promote millets.

For instance, in January, the Union Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and the Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Rajasthan governments will conduct International Year of Millets(IYM) events and activities.

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