Chaukhandi Stupa

  1. Archaeological Survey of India has declared Chaukhandi Stupa as a “protected area of national importance”.
  2. Chaukhandi Stupa is one of the important Buddhist Stupas at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh.It is a lofty mound of brick whose square edifice is surrounded by an octagonal tower.
  3. Chaukhandi Stupa was built to mark the place where Lord Buddha met his first disciples as he traveled from Bodhgaya to Sarnath.
  4. The Chaukhandi Stupa is said to be originally a terraced temple during the Gupta period (4th to 6th Century).
  5. Govardhan,the son of Raja Todarmal gave the present shape to the Chaukhandi Stupa.He built an octagonal tower to commemorate the visit of Humayun,the great Mughal ruler.
  6. The Archaeological Survey of India is an Indian government agency attached to the Ministry of Culture.It is responsible for archaeological research and the conservation and preservation of cultural monuments in the country.It was founded in 1861 by Alexander Cunningham who also became its first Director-General.
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