Chess as a hobby

(i) At what level do you play Chess viz. college, club, amateur, professional internet Chess, or just for fun.

(ii) Know in brief about the history of this game, important players specially in India(V. Anand, Dibyendu Barua, S.S. Ganguly, Koenru Humpy etc. and other G.Ms., Kasparov, Karpov Kamsky, Kramnik,, Bobby Fischer, Topalov, etc)

Know about tournaments professional bodies (PCA, FIDE) various forms of playing Chess (Classical, Blitz, Blindfold).

Know about rules, terminologies, moves of chess e.g. Castling rules e.g. Ruy Lopez opening, Queen’s Gambit, Sicilian defence, etc.

(iv) Should Chess be an Olympic sport? What should be done to popularize Chess, specially in India?

(v) Who are India’s current national champions? Chess players at national level also find it difficult to get sponsors. Is it true? What can be done about it? What role do you envisage, the Government, private sector should play in popularizing chess?

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