“China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Dialogue”

What is the News?

The Fourth China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Dialogue will be held virtually this year. The foreign ministers of each country will attend the meet.

About China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Dialogue:
  • The China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Trilateral Dialogue mechanism was set up in 2017 at the initiative of China.
  • Purpose: The dialogue is aimed at reinforcing trilateral cooperation between three countries in politics, economics and security.
Focus of the Fourth Trilateral Dialogue:
  • The Fourth Trilateral dialogue will discuss topics related to the current peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan, security cooperation and counterterrorism measures.
  • It would also address new uncertainties in China in the wake of the unilateral withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces at a critical stage of the reconciliation process.
    • The US has already withdrawn 30-40% of troops from Afghanistan. The complete withdrawal will take place by September 2021.
Afghanistan on this Trilateral Dialogue:
  • Afghanistan has appreciated China’s offer to facilitate Afghan peace talks in the future.
  • However, it has called on India and China to work together for the Afghanistan peace process despite their other bilateral problems.

Note: China also convenes a quadrilateral dialogue with the Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan. The recent such meet was held in August 2020.

Source: The Hindu


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