China Begins building on Bombay Reef in SCS

China Begins building on Bombay Reef in SCS


  1. According to recent satellite images reviewed by a U.S. think tank, China has installed a new platform on Bombay Reef of the Paracel Islands in the disputed South China Sea

Important facts

  1. Bombay Reef: Bombay reef is an atoll of the Paracel Islands, South China Sea.

  1. Paracel Islands:

The Paracel Islands are an archipelago in the South China Sea

It is controlled by the People’s Republic of China, and also claimed by Taiwan (Republic of China) and Vietnam.

  1. Strategic significance of Bombay Reef: The reef is directly adjacent to the major shipping lanes that run between the Paracels and the Spratly Islands to the south. This makes it an attractive location for a sensor array to extend Chinese radar or signals intelligence collection over that important sea lane
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