Chinese activity in the lunar space in recent years

Beijing’s lunar mission, named after the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e, was unveiled in 2007. Since then, China has put two spacecraft in lunar orbit (Chang’e 1 and 2) and landed two rovers on the moon (Chang’e 3 and 4).

– Chang’e 4 had the distinction of being the first to land on the far side of the moon that can’t be seen from the earth.

The Chang’e 5 launched last year brought lunar material back to the earth. The last time a mission returned with lunar rock was the Soviet Luna 24 in 1976.

The next moon missions — Chang’e 6,7, and 8 — could contribute to the construction of an International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) in the South Pole of the moon. The ILRS will have a space station orbiting the Moon, a base on the surface that will have several intelligent robots performing a variety of jobs.

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