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Moves in J&K have been under scrutiny, especially after scrapping article 370. Under such times comes the directive pertaining to jobs and security clearances in J&K. 

 Government Directives for Job in J&K 
  • The government directed the departments to deny security clearance for passport verification, government jobs to all those involved in law & order and stone-pelting cases 
  • Directives have been issued to CID special branch to collect all the digital evidence from state police & security forces for that purpose.

 Why is this directive Legal?—Under Sec 6(2) of the passport Act 1967, there are provisions to deny the passport on various grounds 

  • Engagement in activities threatening to integrity, sovereignty, security of the country 
  • Any person who is convicted in the preceding five years or against proceedings are pending before any criminal court. 
  • At the same time, the Act also provides the safeguards to approach the court for” No Objection” certificate to get a passport 
 What is the Government’s view? 
  • With the change in status of J&K to bring development and prosperity, it is now time to strengthen the grassroots democracy. 
Challenges due to this directive 
  • This move might alienate the people of J&K further.
  • Also, the move may create a wave of disaffection in the people against the Government. 
Way forward 

The government has to carefully manage the political process, which is sensitive to the needs and aspirations of local people. 

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