Close vigil on GST rollout progress: 

Close vigil on GST rollout progress


  •  Recently India launched GST after 16 years of its initial discussion
  • The government is keeping a close watch on the day-to-day progress in the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Tracking the Implementation

  •   Government weekly meet at its highest level is being done to keep a track on the implementation of the new tax regime
  •    Every Secretary has been asked to take up the responsibility of their own stakeholders, trade and industry and with State officers as far as implementation of GST is concerned
  •   The government had asked all the departments to ensure that there is  no shortage of products and consumer items in order to keep a check on prices
  •   Special emphasis is being laid on keeping prices of essential commodities under check
  •  All the concerned departments have also been asked to ensure that retailers, dealers and shopkeepers displayed a ready price list under GST of the items sold by them.


  •  After prolonged debates and discussions and continuous opposition the new tax regime of GST was launched
  •   The government, on its part, must ensure that the benefits of GST were passed on to the consumers
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