Coir is the best example of ‘Waste to Wealth’, says Union Minister for MSME

What is the News?

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME) inaugurated the ‘Enterprise India National Coir Conclave 2022’ at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

What is Coir?

Coir is a versatile natural fibre extracted from mesocarp tissue or husk of coconut fruit. The husk contains 20% to 30% fibre of varying lengths.

Coir has been used for centuries by navigators in rope form for rigging and ship cables.

Nowadays, coir is used to create an assortment of products from rugs and doormats to plant pots and hanging basket liners, to cultivation-enhancing gardening material and blankets used for erosion control. Some potting mix products also include coir.

Coir Board

Coir Board was set up under the Coir Industry Act, 1953 by the Government of India for the overall sustainable development of the coir industry in the Country.

Functions: The functions of the Board are undertaking, assisting and encouraging scientific, technological and economic research, modernization, quality improvement, human resource development, market promotion and welfare of all those who are engaged in this industry.

Nodal Ministry: The board functions under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Headquarters: Kochi, Kerala

Largest Producer of Coir

India has a virtual monopoly over the coir industry with a share of more than 75% of the global production of coir and 80% of world trade in coir yarn and coir products.

In India, Kerala accounts for 61% of total coconut production and 85% of total coir products.

Significance of Coir Industry in India

Employment: Coir Industry provides employment to more than 7 lakh people in the rural areas of the coconut growing states. 

– More interestingly, 80% of these artisans are women, but its production has so far been confined to the southern coconut producing States/UTs in the country.

Environment Friendly: Coir Products are eco-friendly in nature and gained “Eco Mark” certification by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. Of India.

Source: The post is based on the article Coir is the best example of ‘Waste to Wealth’, says Union Minister for MSMEpublished in TOI on 5th May 2022

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