Community Meet 3 – June 10th | 2PM | Meet Anudeep, Abhishek, Sachin, Apurva and Ankita Mishra & the Toppers of CSE 2017

Dear Friends,

We are writing to invite you to the 3rd ForumIAS Community Meet. to be held on June 10, at 2PM.

The Community Meet is an annual meet where students meet successful members of the community and the successful candidates are felicitated.

It is a good occasion to

  • For students meet the Toppers and seek preparation guidance
  • For selected candidates to meet their batchmates

Take this occassion to meet ForumIAS members leomessi10 , kabira , nandini , federer, leakucauldron.

Not to reveal identies, as we are an anonyous community .

So meet Anudeep (AIR 1 ), Sachin ( AIR 3), Pratham ( AIR 5) , Anubhav ( AIR 8), Abhishek ( AIR 10 ), Siddharth ( AIR 11) , Apurva Pandey, Ankita Mishra and scores of other ForumIAS Members and Students who have made it to the Civil Services this year.

If you are a selected candidate,

You have to do two things

  1. reach out to Katyayani or Apurva Pandey who will be coordinating for the event. You should be able to find them in your FC group or ForumIAS telegram channel of Forum for Interview Prep ( Both are there ) so that your name is included in the list with us ( so that we know you are coming )
  2. Fill up this form so that we can make some arrangements from our end ( not much, just coffee mugs , Lol )
  3. Note : You need not be a community member or a student to attend the meet. You can drop by just to know your batchmates 🙂

If you are a student and want to meet the successful Community Members 

  1. Visit and Click on “Community Meet- 10th June” Button as shown below 
  2. We will drop you an SMS and email 48 hours before the meet reminding you.

We are very proud to share that members who attend the meet as an audience often end up being felicitated on the podium the next year.

Utsah, a member of the audience last year, will be felcitated for joining the IAS this year.

You are next.



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