Concept of Familial Forestry

What is the News?

The Minister of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has informed Rajya Sabha about the concept of Familial Forestry.

What is Familial Forestry?

Familial Forestry means caring for the tree as a family member so that the tree becomes a part of the family’s consciousness. 

Familial Forestry of Rajasthan is a unique movement that relates a tree with a family, making it a green “family member”. Under this, around 2.5 million saplings have been planted in the past 15 years with the active participation of students and desert dwellers

Land for life Award 2021 was conferred to the Familial Forestry of Rajasthan by UNCCD in  2021.

What is the Land for Life Award?

Conferred by: United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) every two years.

Aim: To provide global recognition to individuals and organizations whose work and initiatives have made a significant contribution to sustainable development through sustainable land management (SLM).

Source: This post is based on the article “Concept of Familial Forestrypublished in PIB on 4th April 2022.

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