Conquer CSE Mains with ForumIAS Mains Guidance Program

Dear Students,

ForumIAS Main Guidance Program is the most sought-after program for CSE Mains by aspirants as well as those who are already selected but want to improve their ranks and the results and acknowledgment by toppers are a testimony of the same. Ask Shruti Sharma (CSE 2021 with AIR 1), who opted for MGP+ 2021 with us and came out with flying colors.

We are happy to announce that we have come up with more Cohorts of the Mains Guidance Program (MGP). Now, you can enroll in any of them as per your requirement.Our new programs are as per below mentioned:

For CSE Mains 2022:1. Mains Guidance Program 2022 | Cohort-9 (Alternate) | 25th June 2022

2. Mains Guidance Program 2022 | Cohort-10 | 24th June 2022

3. Mains Guidance Program 2022 | Cohort-11 | 2nd July 2022

4. Mains Guidance Program 2022 | Cohort-12 | 4th July 2022

For CSE Mains 2023:
1. Mains Guidance Program 2023 | Cohort-3 | 19th June 2022

2. Mains Guidance Program 2023 | Cohort-4 | 10th July 2022

So, it’s time to start the juggernaut of CSE Mains preparation with the ForumIAS MGP Program.

For Registrations and more information, visit:

For any assistance, you can email us at

Stay ahead of the curve. Enroll now and gear up for CSE 2022/2023.

Wishing you Success,Always,ForumIAS Academy

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