Cooking as a hobby

1. What do you like to cook?
2. What are the favorite dishes of your state?
3. What is continental food? How did it get its name?
4. Have you heard of the fat tax? Do you think India should bring it?
5. What is “Panchforan”? Why do we use it?
6. What is the use of hing in food?
7. These days a lot of fast food is being consumed. Should govt bring a policy on it?
8. What is the glycemic index of a food? What is its utility?

Other questions related to cooking

  1. What do you like to cook?
  2. How will Cooking help you in administration?
  3. How will cooking help you in life?
  4. What is the optimum cooking temperature?
  5. What is the optimum temperature for making Tea/Egg?
  6. What is good calorie intake for a human being?
  7. What do you understand by good nutrition?
  8. What is the benefit of using Olive Oil?
  9. What are the various methods of cooking?
  10. Name 5 specialty dishes from your state?
  11.  Name 3 sweet dishes from your state/area?
  12. Name any TV shows on cooking that you watch
  13.  Why western foods and Chinese foods are so popular in India. But Indian food is not becoming so popular in western countries (this question was asked in IFoS interview)
  14.  What is your favorite dish (Know it’s history, geography , etc;  )
  15.  Name some famous chefs in India or your state.
  16. New instruments/Machines in cooking?
  17.  About ingredients in some dish? (e.g. Pachphoran in Bihari cuisine)
  18. Some famous personalities known for their cooking hobby. (In TN, Ajith kumar is known for it)
  19. National food of some countries? There is no such for India . But it is there for some countries.
  20. Your opinion on packaged foods?
  21. Your opinion on packaged food?
  22.  What will you cook for Rajkumar during his visit to Delhi? (Rajkumar M shared the question so I have retained his name) But a UPSC question can be what will you cook for me? – has been asked before.

( Questions have been contributed by Rajkumar M, Indian Forest Service)

Questions Added by ShivKumar

  • What are the ingredients of a good food?
  • I am on dieting, what would you suggest me?
  • What is a balanced diet?
  • How can problem of malnutrition in India be tackled?
  • What do you think about Mid Day Meal scheme from cooking perspective?
  • What purpose desserts serve at the end of food and soup at the beginning?
  • Adulteration in food is a growing issue in India. Have you ever encountered such situation? (and related questions)
  • How much fat/proteins are required for a healthy man?
  • Differentiate between backing/frying/roasting.
  • Tell me a substitute for Sugar in cooking.
  • What is brown sugar which is used in cooking?
  • Has Indian cooking been influenced by increasing global contacts? Exemplify.
  • Why cracking sound develops when water drops fall into boiling oil?
  • How to avoid tearing while cutting onion?
  • Which energy source is the best for cooking?
  • Which is more energy efficient?
  • What is the difference between a domestic gas cylinder and a commercial gas cylinder?
  • Subsidies on gas cylinders and related questions.
  • Now these days we see vegetables in different colors? Why so? Do they differ in test? Or what?
  • Indian society is tending towards fast foods. What are the reasons? And its implication on health?
  • Traditional dishes are dying? Can you give examples? What are the reasons?

Some other questions

  • Which form of cooking is your hobby ? North Indian , south Indian , Continental etc ?
  • Name a few dishes which you would cook best or have practiced cooking recently. Tell us the recipe.
  • What should be the focus areas in cooking ? Hygiene, nutrition , taste , presentation , cost etc ?
  • What precautions should be exercised while cooking ?
  • Are modern life styles and fast food adversely affecting traditional style of Indian cooking ?
  • Critical understanding of Indian cooking and its pros-cons for example, use of oil , spices , frying etc.


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