Cor-AuNPs: A gold-mushroom combo to ease drug delivery

Source: The post is based on the article A gold-mushroom combo to ease drug delivery published in The Hindu on 4th November 2022.

What is the News?

Medicines may soon have traces of Cordy gold nanoparticles(Cor-AuNPs) for greater efficacy.

What are Cordy gold nanoparticles(Cor-AuNPs)?

Cordy gold nanoparticles(Cor-AuNPs) are derived from the synthesis of the extracts of Cordyceps militaris and Gold Salts.

It is an outcome of a collaborative experiment by scientists from Four Indian Institutions.

It has earned an international patent from Germany. 

The use of these nanoparticles in medicines could make drug delivery in the human body faster and more surer.

What is Cordyceps Militaris?

Cordyceps militaris is a high value parasitic fungus. It is also called a super mushroom because of its tremendous medicinal properties. Wild Cordyceps mushroom is found in the eastern Himalayan belt.

It is also grown in the lab at the Department of Biotechnology’s Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) at Bodoland University, one of the collaborators of the patented research work. 

What are Gold salts?

Gold salts are ionic chemical compounds of gold. The term, “gold salts” is a misnomer and is the term for the gold compounds used in medicine.

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